TLC for Body, Mind and Soul

Body treatments, whether it is using Dead Sea Mud or Sugar, both have the same benefit – relaxation. Dead Sea Mud, being chalked full of minerals our bodies crave, can help ease ailments such as joint inflammation, eczema and acne breakouts. Sugar will gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin, getting rid of those dry, itchy patches. While we do not claim that these wraps will cure anything, we can tell you that being wrapped up in warm yumminess will do wonders for your mind. Keep an eye out for our monthly specials, as these will have extra wrap goodness that is not on our regular menu!


Seaweed is not the greatest smelling product out there but it definitely has a lot of skin benefits that are well worth the slight odor. Seaweed is great for dry skin, itchiness, full of antioxidants and firming of the skin. Enjoy a light dry exfoliation from toe to neck, followed by being smoothed down and covered with a seaweed mixture. Wrapped in warm blankets will allow the seaweed to activate, delivering all of its goodness to your skin. A warm shower rinse and a lotion application to follow will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished.

$62 (approximately taking 50-60 minutes)

Personal Grooming

Men & Women : Tinting

Brow Tint $18.00
Lash Tint $25.00

Brow Shape and Brow Tint $34.00
Lash and Brow Tint $38.00

Men & Women : Waxing

We use Gigi Wax or can simply tweeze when it comes to the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Shaping $20.00

Full Leg $60.00
Full Leg with Bikini $75.00
Half Leg – upper or lower $35.00
Half Leg with Bikini $55.00
Bikini $30.00
Treasure Trail $7.00

Underarm $20.00
Arms (full) $35.00 ; Arms (half) $25.00
Lip $12.00
Chin $12.00
Face, full $40.00
Sideburns $15.00
Cheeks $15.00
Nose or Ears $15.00
Neck $15.00
Shoulders $25.00
Bum $25.00
Feet or Hands $10.00

Mens Back $50.00
Mens Chest $50.00

Back Relax, Body Scrubs & Wraps

Back Relax

Designed like a facial, this back treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation or peel, hot towel steaming, masking, extractions, esthetic massage for back and legs, toning and moisturizing.

Duration: 50 minutes          Price: $60.00

Sugar Scrub

Sugar works mainly on the surface of the skin, exfoliating dead cells away to soften the skin.

Sugar Scrub with lotion application         

Duration: 45 minutes          Price: $52.00

Sugar Scrub with a 40 minute massage     

Duration: 90 minutes          Price: $97.00

Dead Sea Mud Wrap
Mud works on the surface, but also goes into the pores to draw out impurities. For arthritis, inflammation,dry skin, or just for fun a body wrap is simply heavenly.

Mud Wrap with lotion application         

Duration: 45 minutes          Price: $58.00

Mud Wrap with a 40 minute massage     

Duration: 90 minutes          Price: $110.00