Say “ahhhh”

Within each and every day, our hands and our feet carry us on our daily journeys. They get stomped on, used and abused. It is important to take care of our extremities for medical reasons but also for feel good reasons. Touch relieves stress and allows you to unwind, but also has the added benefit of making your nails sparkle! **Please note that we believe in the power of natural nails and so do not use any shellac polishes; but do have the option of OPI Infinite Shine for a longer lasting polish!

How long does polish last? That all depends on your nails and care. We do our best to leave no oil on the nails prior to painting; however some nails have a natural oil level that does not allow polish to stay for a long period of time. If you tend to be quite hard on your nails, then perhaps a gel or gel based polish would be more suited for your lifestyle and unfortunately at this time, we do not offer gel or gel based polishes.

Party Prep

 Have a holiday party to get to? No worries – let us help! A brow shape, brow tint and lash tint will make those eyes shine bright and beautiful and an Express Manicure with Paraffin will leave your hands sitting pretty and sparkling all night long.

$88 plus tax

Manicures and Pedicures

Spa Manicure
A luxurious hand treatment which includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, hand massage and polish.

Price: $45.00          With Paraffin: $55.00

Spa Pedicure
Begins with an aromatherapy salt soak, grooming of rough skin, cuticle work and nail shaping, exfoliation, massage and polish.

Price: $50.00          With Paraffin: $60.00

Express Manicure
For those on the go – nail shaping, cuticle work and polish application.

Price: $30.00          With Paraffin: $40.00

Express Pedicure
For those in a hurry – nail shaping, cuticle work, rough skin grooming and polish.

Price: $40.00          With Paraffin: $50.00