Managing Stress thru Crisis

Stress triggers so many changes within our bodies. Some manifestations can be physical; some emotional. Some of these can show up on your skin as acne, rashes, dermatitis, etc. It is so important, especially during times of crisis, to take the time to do things that help us release stress. Yes, proper skincare is important but it also as important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Well, as healthy as we can be during stressful situations.

We recognize that this current state of crisis we all find ourselves in right now, is probably one of the most stressful situations we have all been in. So, all the more important to try and incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into our diets. Proper protein and fats are also important.

Try to incorporate an at home workout or daily walks out in the beautiful spring weather (while maintaining the proper distancing guidelines). Do, get up every morning, brush your teeth, shower, get dressed and go about your day with a positive vibes only attitude. Think those positive thoughts and push away those negative ones that may want to creep in.

Take this time to do things that make you happy. Read those books you haven’t had time for. Spend time with those in your household and get to know each other better. Get crafty and create; engaging your mind with endless possibilities. Practice self-care with a relaxing soak with your favorite salts. Do that weekly facial at home and most of all do look towards the future with bright eyes and bushy tails.

Know that we will all emerge stronger from this and that we will be better for it because we will have discovered the true value in life – each other.


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