Unclogging those stubborn pores…

These tiny little guys on your skin can attract all type of debris, leading to clogged pores. No one loves clogged pores that can make your complexion dull and ick. If you are ready to combat this common skin issue, here is a guide from Eminence Organics on how to make your way to a healthy, clear complexion. And let’s be honest…who doesn’t want that?!

What are clogged pores?

In order to combat this skin concern, you need to know what they are and why they are there. Pores are the small dots that you see on your skin, which are actually hair follicle openings. When impurities sit on your skin, a mixture of dead skin cells, pollution and oils combine and sink into these openings. This can lead to blackheads. Those little dark spots, that are especially visible on the nose, are all blocked pores and most of them will be some type of blackhead full of yuck.

How to deal with clogged pores?

You can use pore strips. BUT, the bad thing with using those pore strips (as tempting as it is), is that they can sometimes worsen the problem. They will strip away surface debris, but they don’t necessarily get the stuff that is deep in the pores. They can also irritate your skin and cause inflammation and in some cases, cause healthy cells to be stripped away. A quick fix is not always the best fix. Instead of pore strips, these Eminence Organics products can help deep clean your pores. They will take a bit more time to clean the debris away but your skin will be healthier and more radiant. And kind, mindful beauty routines is what we should all be practicing in the art of Self Care.

Try these for pore self care and overall radiance!

Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant, Citrus Exfoliating Wash, Almond and Mineral Treatment.


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